Anticipate market developments and systematically exploit customer potential

Prospero supports you with Predictive Analytics to systematically identify and exploit your customer and market potential.

Optimize marketing and sales management

Companies invest in marketing and sales, often without knowing exactly how it works. The Prospero solutions for sales management and optimization allow a targeted and systematic approach.

Detect potential

Prospero recognizes individual customer potential in the data and anticipates how markets develop. This increases the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities, which has a positive effect on income and expenses. 

Reliable estimations / Differentiated bases for decisions

An individualized offer requires reliable assessments of the needs and price sensitivity of individual customers, as well as cross-selling and upselling potential. Prospero provides differentiated bases for decision making.


  • Prospero’s pattern-based analytics increases the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activities
  • scoring models enable you to exploit individual customer potential in a targeted manner
  • individualized offers improve customer satisfaction
  • changes in the market and customer behaviour are anticipated
  • wasting losses in campaigns are reduced
  • easy integration and application in existing IT environments or as SaaS (Software as a Service) ensure a fast ROI