Predictive risk management increases the security of companies

Be it changing market conditions, altered customer behavior or fraudulent actions – Prospero identifies risks early with machine intelligence and human expertise.

High reliability / High detection rate

The Prospero solutions are characterized by high detection rates and minimal false positives when monitoring transactions and processes. The models
are constantly improving themselves in the integrated feedback learning.

Dynamic risk management

Prospero supports companies from the finance and insurance industry in developing and optimizing their rating systems and risk models. Dynamic stress tests and scenario analyses are used to adequately map credit risks and anticipate market changes at an early stage.

Compliance with regulatory requirements 

The Prospero solutions support financial institutions in meeting the regulatory requirements in the areas of money laundering/fraud prevention (FATF, FINMA, etc.), risk-based customer analysis (MiFID, FidleG, etc.) and minimum capital requirements (Basel II/III compliance).


  • Prospero’s solutions increase the security of companies. On customer and transaction level and in the area of credit and risk management, loss risks are minimized
  • high detection rates and minimization of false positives ensure efficient compliance and reduce reputational risk and costs
  • the dynamic approach supports credit and risk management and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements
  • the early warning models enable a fast and proactive response to emerging changes
  • easy integration and application in existing IT environments or as SaaS (Software as a Service) ensure a fast ROI