Gain Value from Data

Human expertise and machine intelligence improve each other

Data is the oil of the 21st century. But how do you bring the value from data to the surface? Data growth is exponential and value is only created when relevant insights are gained from it. This requires machine intelligence and human expertise. Prospero supports both.

Prospero Predictive Analytics: Pattern Recognition and Feedback Learning

Predictive Analytics aims to find relevant information in large amounts of data.

Today, this means that experts collect data from different sources, process it and select and parameterize analytical procedures to build predictive models. These processes are subjective, complex and have limited scalability.  

For Prospero Predictive Analytics means to use the capabilities of the computer and to assign these tasks to it. For this purpose, the platform DetectX was developed, which covers the entire process chain. Objective, automated and scalable. 

The Prospero solutions do not simplify, but capture complexity and transform it into knowledge

20 years experience with Big Data Analytics // Predictive Analytics Platform DetectX

For more than 20 years Prospero has been engaged in the analysis of large amounts of unstructured and structured data. This focus characterizes the development of our Predictive Analytics Platform DetectX, which uncovers patterns and hidden relationships in large amounts of data and classifies them.

Integrated Business Solutions

Together with the experience gained from a large number of projects and based on DetectX, Prospero has developed business solutions for various industries and business areas that help to generate value from complexity. In more than 12 countries more than 60 customers optimize their business with Prospero. From the financial, life science and manufacturing industry to trade and service providers, utilities and energy producers, Prospero business solutions are in use.

More security, profit and efficiency

By automating processes and identifying opportunities and risks early on, Prospero increases security, optimizes processes and helps to increase efficiency and profitability. Prospero is the critical filter that companies need to optimize their value chains.

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