Predictive Analytics optimizes processes along the entire value chain

Real-time control and monitoring of processes and plants

Prospero controls and automates processes and detects inefficiencies. The integrated feedback learning continuously improves itself.

Monitoring of operational and production processes

Prospero monitors processes in real time and analyses large volumes of information (data, text). The models detect critical conditions at an early stage, for example default risks, time delays, bottlenecks or quality lacks, so that proactive measures can be taken.

Reliable forecasting and valuation models

Based on plan and actual process data (purchase, warehouse, production, sales, turnover, sales volumes, etc.) Prospero creates reliable forecasting and scoring models, e.g. for sales forecasts. These adapt to current developments on a rolling basis.


  • real-time control and monitoring of processes prevent operational failures and reduces costs
  • feedback learning makes business optimization a continuous process
  • avoidance of incidents improves cost efficiency
  • reliable and continuously updated forecast models create planning security
  • easy integration and application in existing IT environments or as SaaS (Software as a Service) ensure a fast ROI