Diagnostic Classification


Improve the quality and effectiveness of patient treatment

The DetectX®-DC is based on the core module DetectX® that finds relevant information from raw data such as data files, text and images in a multilayered learning process. DetectX®-DC identifies the relevant factors of a disease in the source data, explores hidden relationships and calculates scores for diagnostic classification
in order to choose the optimal treatment.


DetectX®-DC Diagnostic Classification

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Key Features

  • Analysis of any input data
  • Handling complex source data sets (e.g. a large number of input factors or a small number of cases)
  • Recognition of the relevant factors and hidden relationships using an evolutionary learning process
  • Provision of maximized analysis quality
  • Ensuring controlled and traceable analysis process for diagnostic classification


  • Risk reduction for patients and physicians
  • Improvement of the quality of treatment
  • Reduction of costs by avoiding unnecessary or invasive treatments