Marketing- & Sales Control


Pinpoint the needs of your customers and identify valuable opportunities

The solution DetectX®-SC Marketing & Sales Control increases the efficiency of your marketing and sales activities.

DetectX®-SC detects the individual needs and potentials of customers while anticipating market changes early. A company can obtain faster and more reliable results, estimate future developments and have a more direct influence on revenues and expenses.

Prospero provides optimized answers for effective sales control. This includes answers to questions related to cross-selling and up-selling potentials, churning risks, individual product offers, customer segmentation for marketing campaigns, risk-based pricing, service channel optimization, next best offer, online product recommendations, individualized trading strategies, prediction models for lead probabilities, recognition of product characteristics for sales success, price sensitivities, specific product positioning etc.


DetectX®-SC Marketing- Sales Control

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Key Features

  • DetectX®-SC provides the basis for potential-oriented marketing and sales control
  • The precise scoring models identify the best potential for up- and cross-selling, product positioning, early detection of churn risks, etc.
  • Actions, campaigns and individualized approaches are controlled with customer scores, peer groups and potential class analyses
  • In the automated feedback learning, the models are continuously improved; market and behavioral changes are detected early
  • Migration matrices with drill-down function visualize the effects of strategies and simulations


  • Increased sales success
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Early recognition of changes in market situations and customer behavior
  • Optimized use of resources