Name Checking


High performance identification of unwanted business relations

Individual persons and entire customer databases are checked online or in a batch process against various lists (e.g., Bush lists, Seco lists, OFAC lists, Embargo lists, PEP lists, Terror lists, internal black lists) in an easy to use application. Corresponding and similar matches are reported.

Relevant hits are reported even if there is different syntax, misspelling or alias. Minimized false positives ensure that the user are not inundated with large amounts of irrelevant hits.

Neutral benchmark tests have proved that DetectX-NC Name Checking has the best quality results, i.e. the highest detection rates with minimized false alerts.


DetectX-NC Name Checking

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Key features

  • Reliable match quality with minimized false alerts
  • A comprehensive workflow for efficient and secure processing of the matches
  • Direct integration of information for in-depth analysis
  • All activities are recorded in a traceable manner (audit proof)
  • Checks against any black list
  • Scalable to ensure high performance with large data volumes
  • Easy integration into existing environments

In the area of Anti Money Laundering (AML), Fraud Detection and Prevention the products support the internationally recognized and accepted GAFI / FATF recommendations as well as the fulfilment of the regulatory requirements of the Swiss GwG, FINMA-GwV, VsB 16 and KAG on a very high-quality level.

The solutions base on precise analytics and support the user in the fulfilment of the MiFID /EMIR requirements as well as the Swiss FinfraG, FidleG, BEHG, KAG and KKG acts, laws and regulations in the areas of risk based customer analysis, product suitability rule and exception handling, market transparency and cross border.

The products also support the qualitative and quantitative regulatory requirements in the areas of BASEL II/III, CRR and CRD IV minimal regulatory capital calculation, liquidity risk analysis (LCR / NSFR), static and dynamic stress testing and simulations, collateral optimization and many others


  • Coverage of all legal requirements
  • Solution with the complete audit trail
  • Minimization of reputational risk
  • Protection against unwanted business relationships and customers
  • Efficiency in the work of the compliance