Business Monitoring


Reliable Process Monitoring

DetectX®-BM Business Monitoring offers real-time monitoring and control of operational processes.

The solution analyses data and text from processes to detect beneficial opportunities and critical states such as failure risks, time delays, bottlenecks and quality deficiencies so that proactive actions can be initiated at an early stage. Applied detection methods are uniquely designed to meet specific monitoring requirements.

A key aspect of the solution are the self-learning processes that maximize the number of correct alerts and minimize the number of false alerts. Human expertise and machine intelligence complement each other in the Prospero feedback learning process to continuously improve detection accuracy.


DetectX®-BM Business Monitoring

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Key Features

  • The potential- or risk-based approach focuses on the essentials of process control
  • The automated optimization of filters and models allows for a continuous learning process and results in maximized recognition rates and minimized false detections
  • The process steps are individually defined in the integrated, web-based user workflow
  • DetectX®-BM is contentwise and technically scalable
  • DetectX®-BM can be easily integrated into existing system environments with the plug-in architecture

Preventive maintenance
The Prospero models report early signals for preventive maintenance activities. The models are created on the base of current and historical operational data. Examples of areas are plants and machinery, telematics or sensors (light, temperatures, environment).

The benefits are: optimization of service and maintenance costs, avoidance of system failures.

Individualized, current offers
Prospero analyses the current customer behavior and submits in real-time individualized offers. Examples of areas are e-business, retail, banking and insurance, telco and other industries.

The benefits are: increase of profitability with cross-selling and up-selling, avoidance of churn.

Monitoring of operational and production processes
Early warning models are created with DetectX®-BM on the base of production data and operational data. The models monitor the processes in real-time and report critical states such as risks, delays, bottlenecks or quality problems early so that proactive measures are initiated. Example of areas are processes along the value and supply chain.

The benefits are: process optimization, cost reduction, quality assurance, finding new business fields.

Optimization of the after-sales services
DetectX®-BM creates models for optimized after sales services. The models are based on operational data of the products used by the customer. Examples of areas are the automotive industry, the heating industry, the elevator industry, the computer business etc..

The benefits are: increased service quality, prevention of product liability cases.

Gaining Knowledge on Research and Development
DetectX®-BM creates models that identify the relevant factors for certain conditions or for a certain behavior. The models are built on the base of data about services, products, effects, persons, usage etc.. The gained insights with DetectX®-BM help to optimize the processes in R&D. Examples of areas are the drug development, the user behavior in e-business, or the effect of material compositions.

The benefits are: reduction in research and development costs, reduced time-to-market costs, improved product and service quality etc..

Forecasting models for business planning
DetectX®-BM creates forecast models for future planning. The time series data from target figures from the past (purchase, warehouse, production, sales, orders etc.) and the corresponding actual data are the base for the fore- casting models. The data may be enriched with external macro and micro economic data. There are functions for stress testing scenarios to see the impact of changes to the business.

The benefits are: optimization of the operational processes with more reliable planning and ongoing calibration.

Further examples
Other examples are the early identification of default risks, scoring models for vendor evaluation, the recipes optimization or the optimization of energy consumption. All areas are suitable, where there is process data available in structured or unstructured form. The intelligent, pattern-based analysis of DetectX®-BM recognizes in any business process the relevant patterns and reports the conditions and states that require the initiation of the appropriate measures. The integrated feedback learning ensures that the processes are continuously optimized and adapted to changing situations. All these principles are learned from the behavior of natural systems and implemented in a directly applicable solution to improve the business.


  • Optimized early identification of opportunities and risks for individual process situations
  • High security with maximum detection rates
  • Process efficiency with minimized false alerts and efficient workflows
  • plug-in architecture for the control of processes and products
  • Cost effective